What would you say if your local marketing representative came to you and wanted to advertise your nightclub in church bulletins?

You'd fire that marketing representative wouldn't you!

Search Engine Optimization is not about getting anyone to your website; it's about getting your targeted audience to your website. The last thing you want is someone that's not going to convert coming to your site. It's a waste of time and money.

The good news is that if you're willing to be savvy enough, you're going to learn more about your customers through Search Engine Optimization than any other strategy in marketing. That's because a great Search Engine Optimization strategy offers more data and information on what your customers are doing than any other medium.

You'll literally be able to build the ultimate business and marketing plan by spending a generous amount of time on Search Engine Optimization strategies. A strong SEO plan can have more impact on your offline sales than any other marketing strategy done before if you properly leverage this information.

There is no other strategy that offers more information and market data about your prospective customers than right here online!

I didn't say that building your Search Engine Optimization and marketing strategy would be easy, but it will pay off for every ounce of productive time you put into it. You're about to get an education you'd never get at the best business schools anywhere.

What's your targeted goal with your online strategy? Are you looking for them to complete a transaction online or are you trying to get the customer to perform an action, such as signing up with a newsletter, filling out a lead form?

Each customer will be searching in a different way. The customer that's looking to do the immediate transaction often knows what they want already and will have a specific part number or name. They often are trying to get the best price from somebody they can trust to buy the product from.

Your Search Engine Optimization strategy might include moving them from buying on price alone, to buying value added services that your competition is not offering.

If your customers are searching for information, your optimization strategy may aim at quickly answering the question they have but leading them into thinking about other questions that they may not have had before. The more you can answer for them as quickly as possible will give you a stronger opportunity to convert the customer.

By now you should quickly realize that Search Engine Optimization is far more than optimizing your site for keywords, it optimizing your site to make the type of conversions that make you money while keeping other non-profitable visitors away from using your resources.

It is essentially building the ultimate business and marketing plan for your business.