I want to redirect the content of this blog, wrapping it around who I am, and what I do. The redirection comes as a plan to make it more intimate, as the content is too generic, albeit capturing a lot of traffic.

The ability to redirect the content throughout the last eighteen years continues to create new opportunities for future endeavors.

New Opportunity – Redirect the Content

Every time I redirect the content, I risk losing the audience, but at the same time, a new opportunity evolves.

This time I want to bring more of who I am, and what I believe into the mix. I want you to know me as I am now, and how I got to this point. More importantly, where I am going, and maybe it will help you with where you are going?

I won't remove the Shark Tank content, and will likely continue to write about the companies appearing on the show. More personal flavor is on the way to help reflect the way I see the businesses and the show.

I am the epitome of a serial entrepreneur. That is, I am a person who finds it difficult to work in an organized structure who has to follow the rules. I will work countless hours to succeed, far beyond the 9-to-5 grind, especially when opportunity lurks in front of me.

That's why I am so focused to redirect the content on this blog.

Doing so is a reflection of the redirect of my life. That is, I need to do what I know how to do well, and brush off the influences that have me doing what I don't do well.

Being diverted by activity that hinders my growth, success potential and passion keeps me trapped in a never-ending loop of unhappiness and lack of success.

Moving forward is the key to achieving greatness. Taking risks, and never looking back, doing what I know is right for my family and me makes all the difference in the world.

I have to redirect the content of this blog if I am going to be successful in everything I do in life. I have to show the people who I love and care about most that I am willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and to have a foundation that proves anyone can be successful.

A Higher Power to Redirect the Content

My efforts this time have a higher power that is guiding me in my decisions, and I need to listen to Him. God is with me as I pursue my dreams, and He is not giving me the easy road, but the right way to having a life I don't deserve.

I have to redirect the content of this blog so that you see the evolution of the site, and how we can all be successful in everything we are and do.

I will not only redirect the content of this blog, but I will also create compelling material that drives you to action. That will inspire you to achieve your dreams.

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