Would you read a Gospel a day for thirty-two days? Pastor Jason Ishmail suggested I do it in January 2022 while doing a Better Man Breakfast Series. 

Jason and I were discussing reading the Bible cover-to-cover, something I did in October 2016 upon first attending Antioch Christian Church. I told Jason I should read cover-to-cover again, to which he suggested that I read a Gospel a day for an entire month instead.

The Gospels consist of four books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each book takes considerable time to read, which kept me from immediately taking up Jason’s suggestion.

I wanted to get in better shape, so I walked in spring, beginning with a mile a day, and moved up to three and a half miles a day in mid-summer. I started listening to podcasts but switched to the Bible App and reading Matthew while walking.

My journey to read a Gospel a day for thirty-two days began in September 2022 and is in the process as I write this post.

If you were to read a Gospel a day for thirty-two days, you would read the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John eight times trough. Matthew has twenty-eight chapters, Mark has sixteen chapters, Luke has twenty-four, and John has twenty-one.

 Today will conclude with reading John for the fifth time, with three more readings coming.

Interestingly, my walking patterns increased, taking up to eight miles to complete Matthew, but sometimes I walk less and finish reading at home. 

Some people ask if I am listening to the audio version of the Bible. I am reading it as I prefer reading. 

Would I recommend reading a Gospel a day for thirty-two days to Christians? Absolutely. The process changed how I listened to sermons and influenced my walk, and significant changes are coming for my future.