The Shark Tank

Ranking “The Shark Tank” in Google is a roller coaster ride. Great position the very first week and then two days ago, it disappears out of the lineup. What’s up with that?

I’ve been writing about “The Shark Tank” TV show for a couple of years and I’ve done well with the posts so I thought I would create a niche blog. I looked for a domain a couple of weeks ago and found that available and registered it.

I put a blog together and submitted it to the search engines. To my surprise, I ranked in a matter of days and have over 3,000 unique visitors in the first week. I’ve continued to post in the sight, but on Monday, the site dropped out of site in Google. I don’t know why.

I will broaden the topics covered on The Shark Tank blog making it more unique from other blogs.

I’ve read many SEO Blogs that state this is a common occurrence for some new blogs that quickly gain traffic and the solution is to keep working through it. They say it may take a couple of weeks, but when Google sees that you’re continuing to work the blog, they will give it the credit that it deserves.

I had hoped that it wouldn’t happen this way, but I’m going to work through this and hopefully The Shark Tank will get ranked soon.  Until then, I will be using this blog and other sources to drive traffic to the posts that I make on The Shark Tank.

Oh, and one other change I’m going to make is getting a static IP to differentiate this blog from that blog which also could have something to do with the site thinking it’s too close to this one. We’ll see.