Would you like to know an easy way to raise your credit score in 90 days or less?

It is a sure fire way as long as you have the resources, but I believe that you shouldn't need your credit score instead, you should focus on becoming debt free.

Most people will pay their credit cards by the due date on the bill thinking this is the optimum time to ensure a good credit score, but this is not optimal.

Pay your bill before the statement date(the day that the bank creates the current credit card “statement”), and you will lower your debt to income ratio and get a higher score.

Pay your bill in full on the day before your credit card statement processes and you'll pay zero interest in most cases, and have an optimal boost on your credit score. That's even if you go and max out your credit card the following day. You will still show as having a zero balance on your credit report.

It's ok if you don't know the date the bank will cut your statement. Focus on the end of the cycle, and not the due date for your credit card. They'll know because you are not the only person that tracks this, and does this.

Raise your credit score using liquid cash

When you get cash, you put it towards liquidation of credit card debt on the card that is closest to the end of the cycle and always pay using the card that has the longest time before the end of the current billing cycle.

More credit cards make managing this cycle easier provided you have the cash flow to handle the process. The danger comes when you lose your cash flow, which happened in my case, and it ended up digging me into a huge hole.

Essentially borrowing with credit cards is hazardous as it is only a short-term debt solution due to the volatile rate changes the issuing banks can impose.

Another risk is having your bank lower your credit limit thereby tightening your ability to manage the process. The issuing banks are unpredictable and aren't your friend.

When I worked the system, the system helped me raise my credit score by over 150 points in less than 90 days.

Keep in mind, this advice is free and is not constituted as professional advice, Proceed at your risk, and do your own investigations to see if this strategy will work for you.