Here's another compelling Shark Tank Pitch. Radiate Portable Campfire presented by Brent Davidson and Bryan Cantrell in Season 9. The portable campfire is non-toxic and refillable burning up to 10 hours on a fill. It's waterproof and uses recycled paper with soy wax for the fuel. Radiate is available on Amazon for $27.95 and has free two-day delivery.

Radiate does a Kickstarter launch campaign

Brent and Bryan launched their Kickstarter campaign in June of 2017, receiving $6,256 from 129 backers. I bet that they would have had a stronger response with a more aggressive campaign as a lot of the information fields on the Kickstarter campaign were not filled out. Their social media channels support that assumption.

Soy wax and Recycled paper make Radiate healthier than other campfire options. The waterproof design gives this Radiate an edge over traditional wood fires.

Season: 9 Episode 919
First Run: 2018/1/28
Shark: Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Rohan Oza
Company: Radiate
Entrepreneurs: Brent Davidson, Bryan Cantrell

Radiate should expect a significant amount of traffic when their episode plays due to the Shark Tank effect. However, their marketing needs to scale up if they plan to maintain a substantial amount of business down the road. I do believe that the company struck up a lot of attention with the Sharks, but the marketing strategy is still seeming to fall short. Although, they do have excellent images.

Their portable campfire may be stopped by putting the lid on the can and starting again later. That way, you only use what you need. The flame is constant at two feet all the time, and the can weight only four pounds.

Do the Sharks bite on Radiate?

I think they are going to love the product, but I wonder if the company has the sales or track record that will make a Shark Tank deal happen? It just doesn't look like they've done enough to promote their business online even though this product is very cool.