PostureNow Dances with Stars Deals with Sharks

PostureNow creators Matt Franklin and Mike Lane glided into Shark Tank with Dancing with the Stars celebrities Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya. Each posture device is a comfortable device that straightens backs and shoulders.

Promoting Better Posture by wearing PostureNow

The PostureNow device is worn under a shirt, allowing you to wear it at work, or even while you are dancing. The Dancing with the Stars celebrities back up the better posture claims saying the device is a big hit in the dancing world.

Initially, Matt and Mike created the posture device for people who work at computers to help keep the back straight. They designed it for their personal use.

They even provide a 100% guarantee that your posture will improve with their device. Matt and Mike say proper body posture is a habit. Their device remindd you to pull your arms back without adding tension to your back. Many other posture devices exist, and they don't tie into your arms like posture now.

Each PostureNow brace features three positions to determine how much tension is right for you.

PostureNOW in Shark Tank

They sold $330,000 as of their Shark Tank Episode
Their product is patent pending as of the episode.
They have netted $132,000 since they started and pocketed the money as a hobby.

ASK:$100,000 for 15% equity

PostureNow Sharks:

  • Mark Cuban – Deal – $100,000 for 30% plus a $5 royalty until he gets his money back.
  • Barbara Corcoran – She thinks his price is way out of line and she is out.
  • Kevin O'Leary – offered $100,000 for 50% plus a royalty – No Deal
  • Daymond John – Out – Daymond John would have had the same offer as Kevin without the royalty.
  • Robert Herjavec – $100k for 40% – They considered the deal and then he pulls his offer off the table.

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