Like him or not, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook didn’t care and still doesn’t care about the money. He had and has incredible passion in everything he does. He made it big, not because Facebook was a great idea, but because no matter what anyone said or did, his intensity was overwhelming. He has laser focus on his goals.

Many businesses failed because lack of passion and too much focus on the money. When money controls business, failure is close by.  Passion saves businesses from failure, dollar driven focus destroys businesses.

When passion is in control, cash will find you. Passionate people work to find value in the business.

Some people may say passionate people miss the profit. That’s not true. Desperate people miss the money. Don’t confuse desperation with passion. When you have passion, money doesn’t matter. When you have desperation, the dollar is the focus.

I have started out many times without capital. I have started several times buried in debt. There has been one common denominator in every start-up that has done well. I’ve had passion for what I was doing. When passion was destroyed, the business did horrible.

I’m not the guy to teach you how to get wealthy in a couple of hours a day. I know I should tell you how easy it is, but it’s not. The guys that tell you how easy it is are either lying or embellishing.  Some really don’t make money; others work long hours, but count it as fun because they love what they do. Either way, it is hard work to be successful.

If you want to change your life, you have to do something that impacts the lives of others. It has to make such a difference that others are willing to pay you for what you can do. Don’t focus on getting paid, focus on making whatever it is really great. So great that people will want to pay to be a part of it.

It won’t happen overnight. You need to do your homework.  Success is often just around the corner when you’re about ready to quit. Passionate people don’t quit, they keep going.  Passionate people find success.