Double the protein of regular peanut butter and you get Nuts ‘N More, a premium peanut or almond butter. Neil Cameron, Dennis Lannotti, and Peter Ferreira began working on their start-up around a year prior to taping their segment on Shark Tank Episode 420.

Rich Evaluation Spreads Deal Thin

The three partners value their company at $1.2 million dollars. Similar evaluations often result in a quick Shark Tank exit and with no deal. Neil, Dennis and Peter were very close to becoming another statistic.

The partners expressed the primary objective is lowering their costs, and increasing margins, allowing them to fulfill opportunities.

Kevin O'leary on Twitter – “Peanut butter isnt the only thing that's nuts about this SharkTank pitch – how about the insane valuation ! For that price I'll take 300%! “

Nuts ‘N More Details

Entrepreneurs:Neil Cameron, Dennis Iannotti, and Peter Ferreira
Investment Needed: $250,000
Initial Equity Offer: 20%
sales:$100,000(5 Months)
Total Investment Commitment by Sharks: $250,000
Equity Released: 35%

Mark Cuban: $125,000 for 17.5% equity (Split w/Robert Herjavec)

  • $35,000 Now
  • $110,000 as needed
  • 17.5% Equity

Daymond John: Out
Kevin O' Leary: Out
Barbara Corcoran: Out
Robert Herjavec: $125,000 for 17.5% equity (Split w/Mark Cuban)

  • $35,000 Now
  • $110,000 as needed
  • 17.5% Equity

Product sales are $100,00.00 in just 5 months(episode taped in 2012).

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Nuts ‘N More  Timeline

  • 2013
    • March – Shark Tank Episode 420 – Deal Mark Cuban/Robert Herjavec
    • January – In Mob Wives VH1 Episode
  • 2012
    • September – in the Shark Tank (taping the show)
    • September – Now has APP
    • June – Baltimore Raven's Training Camp Using Nuts ‘N More
    • April – Submit Shark Tank Video
    • April – Now in Canada
    • February – Now in UK
    • January 24 – National Peanut Butter Day
  • 2011
    • September – Available in first Retail Store
    • September – Opens Online Store
    • August – Sample Batch Created

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Spokesperson Athletes for Nuts ‘N More

  • Jen Aragon
  • Rachel Casaday
  • Narmin Assria
  • Matt Mendrun
  • Madison Rayne
  • John carter
  • Ian Daviau
  • Henry Mack
  • Frank Fata
  • David Morin
  • Corey Hammac
  • Alexis Paige
  • Skye Taylor
  • Ryan Hughes
  • Vida Guerra
  • Ashley Horner

Nuts ‘N More | Episode 420 | Week 18 | the Shark Tank

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