NewBo features many new and unique buildings with some of them old places restored after the 2008 floods in Cedar Rapids, IA. The image used in this article is a restored Skelly Oil gas station which is now a bicycle rental and printing store known as Red Ball Printing.

Skelly Oil image manipulated in Photoshop

The picture of this Skelly Oil service station is photographed at night and manipulated using Photoshop to offer this unique design, and a first for me, as I learn more skills using Photoshop as well as Adobe Lightroom.

In fact, this image is so inspiring to me that I plan on digging in deeper to better learn the Adobe platforms to create even more interesting artistic results.

About Red Ball Printing – Located at 1390 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA. You'll find the station a charming place carefully designed to appear as a 1940's Skelly Oil gas station. The company performs screen printing and rents bicycles in a perfect location near the bike trail running through Cedar Rapids.

About Skelly Oil Company – The company began in 1919 according to Wikipedia and became defunct in 1977 until revived as a new brand in 2012.

About NewBo – New Bohemia is in Cedar Rapids, IA and is a part of the Czech Town area. A market began after the 2008 500 year floods taking an abandoned building and converting it into a place for meetups, concerts, food vendors (year round) and dining and nightlife in the surrounding area.

Visit NewBo City Market located at 1100 3rd Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401.

Can you imagine pumping gas from a pump like the one in this image? What do you want to bet that one of the bar patrons across the street attempted to fill their car after a night out?

Now if I could just get the Skelly pump to put gasoline in my car, I'd be set!