Monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money. The products and services available are endless. You can write about anything and find a product or service that you already use and can talk about.

You can create your own blog and monetize it right from the start. I monetize by telling you what products and services I use to make it work. It relates to the subject at hand and my readers know I use great products and services.

Everyone deserves to get paid for referring customers based on your testimonials.  Most products and service offered online also have affiliate marketing programs. Search the site map for affiliate program and apply to become a partner with the company.

When I make purchases, I’m looking to see if the vendor has an affiliate program. I will spend more money to buy a product or service from someone that has an affiliate program. If I like their product I will market it on my sites.

The idea is to let the affiliate marketing program pay for what buy.

Think of it this way, anyone can monetize a blog through affiliate marketing. Even extremely low traffic sites can be high converting.  Here's a simple strategy to make it work.

The first strategy is to get business cards with your domain address on it. Let’s say someone asks you about the tires you have on your vehicle. You can give them your card and tell them they can check out the tires at Tire Rack. You can tell them how they can get the tires delivered and mounted on your car.

Tire Rack will pay you a commission through their affiliate program if your referral visits your website and clicks on your affiliate link to Tire Rack.

Another option is to create a how to build your own blog section. People are always asking me what I do. I tell them that I do affiliate marketing programs. I can hand them my business card and tell other people how they can make money selling products and services that they already use and know.

When they come to my website, I show them how to get their own blog. They buy a domain, hosting and templates. They all pay commissions and I’ve now turned casual conversations into profit centers.

How are you monetizing your life?