Imagine what it would be like to be Michael Franzese, a former mob boss in the Colombo crime family from New York. He is one of the biggest money earners in the Mafia, and he decided he wanted out.

Michael Franzese - Kirk Taylor - Antioch Christian Church

Mr. Franzese visited Antioch Christian Church a week ago Sunday. He gave his testimony speaking of how he quit the mob and became a Born Again Christian.

We think we have gone through a lot of trials in our life, but this man went from one of the biggest guys in the Mafia to doing prison time while keeping quiet to get out of the crime family. He is one of the first to leave the Mafia and still maintain a public life.

I invited my friends, Shawn and Alison Graham to his presentation, and Shawn kindly gave me a copy of Blood Covenant, Michael Franzese's book. We then had the books autographed while taking photos with Mr. Franzese.

The Michael Franzese Story

I have to admit; I questioned his story saying he quit the mob, and shame on me for doing so, who am I to question? Talk about the risks he took to change his life, for the people he loved, and to proclaim his faith in God.

It became very apparent as I completed reading his book tonight, a story with over 400 pages. It is his story of his journey through the mob and his experience in prison, and then meeting the person he fell in love with who brought him to become a Born Again Christian.

He provides compelling arguments for why God is the reason we all exist. He points out that no matter what you do, there is a path to heaven.

It's great to see someone like Mr. Franzese give testimony such as this, and then know that becoming a Christian isn't the challenge that most make it out to seem.

His book, Blood Covenant, is a wonderful way to see how God will change your life!