As I’m walking down Broadway a limousine pulls up that’s extremely unique. I’m a lifelong limo guy with my most notable startup being in the limousine industry. This car, however is not for carrying passengers, it’s for a restaurant/bar/club marketing strategy.

Old limousines are very affordable, yet attract attention. Given the right business, old limousines are capable of being turned into moving billboards, and in this case, the perfect billboard.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would be proud of their brand being displayed in a moving limousine float throughout New York City. They have four clubs: Jekyll and Hide Pub, Jekyll and Hide Club, Dark and The Slaughtered Lamb Pub.

Each facility features unique artifacts and collectibles with characters to challenge your evening. The Jekyll and Hide Club turn into Dark, one of New York City’s hottest clubs after the dinner hours.

Needless to say, I’ve put the plug in for the club, but I want to tell you more about the car. They’ve weathered the vehicle to give it that spooky look. It’s even got some body damage that adds to the ambience. The center windows have been pulled out and a character sticks out through the window with a stake in his hands. He’s got crates on the top of the car.

Other characters are inside the car, giving it quite the look. The signage works extremely well with “Spooky Special Effects”, “Live Entertainment” and “Open for lunch and dinner” on the side. The car even has directions so you know right where to go.

Many people take pictures as the car goes by, it’s great for tourists, could be used in parades and at special events. It is definitely a head turner and will be remembered by anyone that sees this limousine.

You can check out their website at Hopefully, I’ll have time to check out the restaurant while in New York City.