Several years ago, I started selling off-lease vehicles online. Cadillac, Jaguar, Lincoln(Lincoln LS), and Mercedes were my product of choice.

Lincoln LS sedans did exceptionally well for me, and even better once I came across the Lincoln LS Owners Club, which managed to get a direct link on the main menu of the official Lincoln Motor Companies website!

I joined the club and quickly became friends with all the members who then promoted me as the go-to person for Lincoln LS models.

Next thing I know, I'm taking orders for Lincoln LS cars from buyers all over the United States and even Mexico!

My customers could have bought their Lincoln LS in their hometown, but instead, they came to me because I developed a reputation in the owners community and allowed me to take sales literally away from Lincoln Dealers across the country.

Some of the best things fall into our lap, but in reality, I put myself in the position to capitalize on the link on the Lincoln website and have others selling for me. I milked it for all it was worth and loved every minute of it.

Lincoln LS Owners Club goes to Ford Proving Grounds

Lincoln Motor Company invited the Owner's Club to Novi, Michigan where we met with the President of Lincoln, marketing staff and even experienced the Ford Proving Grounds where we jumped in brand new Lincoln LS models with test drivers to teach us techniques on the skid pad.

People in the club mentioned me to the marketing team, with quite a few saying they bought their cars directly from me.

That's when marketing approached me and asked me how I was selling all of the LS's. I'm thinking, this is crazy because I'm using their website which drives interested buyers to the Owner's Club where I am the only guy they are promoting for selling the cars!

Of course, I just said I marketed on eBay, and never gave them the real scoop. They told me I sold more in a month than the average Lincoln Dealer sells, which I think is cool.

That deal ended when Lincoln quit selling the LS, but it was a good run and a great strategy. I had a product, developed a reputation and found a channel to deliver my goods that the competition didn't know existed.

Salespeople need to find the Unique Selling Position as I did and capitalize on the opportunity while looking for the next angle.

Open your eyes and start looking for your opportunity.

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