Lewis Howes presents “How to Produce Six Figure Affiliate Webinars.” Lewis CEO of Inspired Marketing, LLC.

This is the second time that I've heard Lewis Howes story. He tells how on his first webinar he was able to make $6,300 in 60 minutes.

Lewis Howes learned he could do webinars on a regular basis and was able to do $12,000 on one not too long after that when he didn't even have a product built.

Lewis has six steps to creating a successful webinar.

The first step is the Pre-party. 10 minutes prior to get people excited about being on the webinar so. Say the names of as many people that are on the webinar as you will get them more interested. He calls it the virtual cocktail party.

Step two is the hook is the second step. Your going to give your promise. What are they going to learn? You're going to introduce yourself and give social proof. The three biggest mistakes you can make.

The first two are all within ten minutes.

Step three you give your story. Lewis likes to have a page a minute.

Step four, you tell them what your going to do, give the best information you have. You need to wow them to keep them to the very end. Give your best information even as much as ninety percent.

Step five, the close is the next step. Your going to show them how to get this information right now. You have a sequence that you need to follow and build up what this will do for your business on the webinar.

Then he's going into the advanced training on how the audience will get more.

Continue with Q & A session and answer them live. Be prepared to answer the questions they have, but focus on buying related questions. Acknowledge the people on the webinar with every chance you can.

Step six, do a follow up on email and give them a limited amount of time to watch the video so you can pick up even more people who can watch the show.

An extra tip is to check to see who you have signing up during the Q & A and acknowledge them on the call and give them pointers and watch other people get in on the deal, increasing your sales.