Affiliate Marketing is an excellent candidate for Joint Venture Partnerships. So many people are working towards the same goal, but have different skills and likes. It’s also easy to narrow a JV partnership to a specific project.

Joint Venture Partnerships depend on two or more people who have specific skills that complement each other. Identifying what processes you enjoy doing and more importantly what processes you do well is critical before you negotiate a JV partnership.

Affiliate Marketers that have an understanding of their strengths make great Joint Venture Partners when you have a strong awareness of your strengths. The deal is likely to move quickly because everyone brings their strengths to the table.

Joint Venture Partnerships

People who are new to Affiliate Marketing may attempt to do Joint Venture Partnerships with more experienced Affiliate Marketers. This usually doesn’t work well because the expectations are difficult to set up.

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, consider offering to work for free if you are able to connect with a pro in the industry.  They are more likely to help you if you are willing to help them without expectations.

Affiliate Marketers often over-hype their skills. Don’t do this. Instead, admit what you don’t do well, at the same time show what you do well. Honesty is valuable in this business and leads to Joint Venture Partnerships.

Several conferences happen during the year. The main event is Affiliate Summit and offers Affiliate Marketers the perfect venue to make connections for Joint Venture Partnerships. Affiliate Summit is host to nearly 5,000 or more Affiliate Marketers.

The next Affiliate Summit happens at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas during the first part of January 2012. I’ve included a link to the conference site. If you decide to go, make sure you let me know so we can meet-up and say hi.