John Chow, the blogger who teaches others how to make money online (he even wrote the book on it), created a new series of webinars that are totally free, no advertising and has nothing for sale.

So far, he’s done three webinars and every one of them have been great, each one even better.

The Webinar that just finished was, “How to Start a Tech/Review Blog.”  He featured guests that have had technology blogs for quite some time, giving tips on how to get products to review to finding people to do the reviews.

Each participant discussed the way they monetized their sites, and they do some pretty big numbers.

I don’t want to give away too much. The show was recorded and will come up later for a replay. Still, the best time to listen is live. Sometimes you can participate in the show.

The series started a couple of months ago. Just a week before John announced, I was with him at the RevenueAds meetup in Oklahoma City, OK. He mentioned the plan and I thought it was fantastic. Turns out, it’s even better.

In just two weeks, I will be attending Blog World, NYC for the first time, thanks to John as he generously awarded me a full pass to the event.  Tonight, I found out that John is also doing a deal with Infolinks while at the event. He’s taking a select group of bloggers along with Infolinks out to dinner and then to see Spiderman on Broadway with a Karoke bar after.

If you’re going to be in New York City for Blog World, let John know and you might have a chance at being one of the lucky blogger who will be included in the group.

Infolinks is a text links advertising model that plugs into your blog and offers pay per click compensation like AdSense but only better. They automatically create links from words in your blog and then display a box when your reader hovers over them. If they click on the link, you get a commission!

Check out John Chow’s blog if you haven’t already. It’s a great read.