Jim Tressel announces his resignation this morning in an effort to save the school from disciplinary actions from the NCAA. The superstar from Ohio State is now the sacrificial lamb, but the NCAA should clearly not allow the school to get away with this.

The Athletic Director and even the School President should be called into question after supporting Tressel who admitted the lies earlier. The reality is that there is more to this story and it goes far deeper than what’s been reported so far.

Even a local car salesman bragged to the paper that Tressel had to quit or he would have been fired. This guy sold over 50 cars to players and their families, a situation that is also being investigated by NCAA officials.

You can bet more is coming out. Now the question will be, does Ohio State have to sit out post season play for some years? Will they lose their scholarships?

The reign of Ohio State is over at least for the time being, and if I was a recruit coming in, I’d be looking at other schools very soon. I wouldn’t want to get caught up into this mess and ruin my potential to continue on playing after the collegiate level.

I wonder, did they really think they would get away with this and it would never come out?

Probably so, as Tressel made comments that other coaches know how tough it is to be in their shoes. I guess he’s trying to say everybody else does the same thing he did. That’s not too wise.

I gained respect for Tressel after seeing shows on how committed he is to teaching the kids on his team and at the Ohio State University. Many students wanted to attend his classes, even if they weren’t in Football because he was a great teacher.

Now the great teacher has fallen off the pedestal and has to pay the price. I wonder if he’s learned his lesson?