Here I am, Friday night, still working and giving a summary of the week that's winding up.

All in all, this adds up to a great week. I've moved into a new place with the help of a great friend, Matt Smith,  that has separate bedrooms for my kids, and today received an incredible gift from a long-time friend.

A few weeks ago, Brian and I met up to have coffee and talk after not seeing each other for nearly 30 years. He had moved to Cedar Rapids, and we met up at Skate Country, a local skating rink.

As we visited, I told him I had just taken my kid's roller skating, and fell. I had rental skates on, and the trucks on the skates are incredibly tight. I told him how I missed my skates that had loose trucks.

So, Brian contacts me for lunch today, and I welcomed the opportunity to visit with my friend again. He came with a bag, and handed it to me, telling me my skates were in the box. He said he had put new wheels and fixed them up, which floored me!

I had completely forgotten that I had sold him my skates, and here he was giving me my skates so I could go out skating with my kids! How incredible is it that my longtime friend is generous enough to give me this gift, and something that is something that I could not buy if I wanted to.

My friend Brian is an awesome friend and a great man. How lucky am I to have people like him in my life.