Affiliate Summit is an event that I've said was great in the past, this time it's better. If you're looking at ways to make money online, you have to connect with the people that can get you the offers. That's who's at Affiliate Summit.

Even more interesting is the people that you meet. This group is connected to because of influence online through blogs and websites that create perception. As you know, perception is reality. Affiliate Summit helps you to network with people that are able to help you build your business as you help them build theirs.

That makes Affiliate summit worth even more, now you have many reasons to do Affiliate Summit.  Do you need a third reason?

Not only are the connections are great, but you're going to learn more than you can possibly absorb in just one conference. That's OK, Affiliate Summit happens twice a year. This is a casual conference, OK a really casual conference so leave the dress clothes at home and relax. Get ready for great parties.

We started with the Affiliate Summit Shareasale party where they brought in a mechanical bull. Pretty cool watching people getting thrown off. Cowboy hats and handkerchiefs were included. Line dancing on a big dance floor with an open bar! They even had a photo booth to get your pictures taken.

Add to the party, Shareasale is sending me home with a stuffed puppy for a young lady in my house. I'm sure she's going to love it.

Watch for more posts on the Affiliate Summit, it's been great so far and sure to keep going just as good.