How to have a great blog is quite a challenge for many of us. Bloggers are often clouded by thinking it's all about the money. When that happens, you  end up not being very good.

The best blogs come when the blogger is passionate about what they are writing about. When they put feeling into the subject that they write about. That is what engages people the most. Readers need to feel that enthusiasm or they won't come back.  They don't need to learn anything from the blogger, but it's always great when they do.

Bloggers who attempt to write to make money never really do well because they are usually writing out of desperation, not passion for money. While it's great to have a lot of money, most people that have money are not passionate about it. They are passionate about what they do with it and that's the difference. That's why some bloggers can be really great at writing about making money online, they're passionate about what they do with their money and it's just a tool.

When you learn how to have a great blog, you will end up making money online as well.

Ultimately, when you learn how to have a great blog, it becomes an extension of what is happening in your life, you'll find that people will be interested in what you write. Remember that it doesn't matter that you think someone else won't be interested, chances are they will.

To have a great blog requires you letting go of what you think is boring or mundane and instead writing as though you're having a conversation with friends. The more engaging you would be with friends, the better the opportunity to have a great blog.  If they would be interested, chances are, the people who read your blog would also be interested.