I've determined that I need to spend more time thinking about how to get organized. I have a mountain of projects and I haven't been very good about organizing the information that I have. That means I need to seriously put a system in place. When I am organized it's amazing what I'm able to accomplish.

Spending time to improve productivity made me realize that we all have specific weaknesses that work against us. Some of us are just lazy, others bog down with too much work. Others don't focus on the work they should be doing, instead they do busy work thinking that they are actually doing something productive. If you're doing busy work, you're not likely doing anything productive.

How To Get Organized

So what do I need to do to learn how to get organized? I don't need another book, another plan, I just need to step back and realize that all the pressing stuff will get done a lot faster if I just get everything in order. I won't be spending time doing busy work, I'll spend my time doing productive work. Just a little organization puts me on a face track to getting work done.

When we learn how to get organized, we learn how to make mountains move. Without being organized, we have no idea which mountain to move first. We sleep better because we know where we are at. We relax and give ourselves the break that we deserve.

Learning how to get organized is not rocket science, it's more mental conditioning.  Most likely the primary reason most people are successful can be attributed to being organized.

So how am I planning on doing this? Right now, I have mountains of paperwork, information in my computer and stuff that I no longer need. I'm successfully learning how to get organized!