Do you wonder how to get paid to watch your favorite TV shows? If you think about it, it’s really kind of crazy. I’m not the best writer, my grammar isn’t that good (getting better, yet has a long way to go). Still, I’m earning money writing about what I watch on TV!

I started blogging about Shark Tank Entrepreneurs and Donald Trump's Apprentice which caused significant traffic.

Before I wrote this post I remembered several years ago when a couple of college guys decided to podcast Big Ten College football games. They didn’t like the way the announcers called the game, so they did their own broadcast.

It became incredibly popular, so much so that the company with broadcasting rights came after them and shut them down. They were concerned about losing market share to some guys who were watching the game on TV and then broadcasting a play by play as they saw it.

Fortunately, that type of event is less likely to happen today as TV shows are now reaping the benefits of bloggers promoting their shows. It actually helps them increase their audience.

Now, the idea is a great one, but I’m not about blogging about TV shows, I’m about entrepreneurship and that's why I chose to blog about Shark Tank and Donald Trump's Apprentice. The readers coming from those shows are people who are searching for the rest of the story, but are not necessarily want-to-be entrepreneurs. That made me begin to think how I could leverage this traffic.

Here comes the opportunity for me. What if I was able to teach the people that love to watch TV, how to watch more TV and get paid for doing so? I’ve figured out a strategy that works and I can reproduce the results.

The strategy is fairly simple once set up. All you would have to do is continue to write and build upon your content using the tools I used to build this blog. I will give you the secret sauce that makes my posts get found.

You buy the same tools that I’m using through links on my site and that way I get paid for giving you the information that creates a new revenue stream for you and we both win.

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