GameDay Couture brings fashion to female sports fans. They bring the bling to your favorite teams. Shawnna and Kurt generated seven-hundred-fifty thousand dollars in sales in 2013, and forecast sales for 2014 at one-and-a-half million dollars. They will make about a hundred thousand dollars.

GameDay Couture has excellent pricing on their clothes line

The company has thirty-seven team licenses with their average price at $22 wholesale and retails for GameDay Couture - Shark Tank$44. The cost to manufacture is $8. Lori Greiner thinks their price points are excellent. They have returned their profit into the business to buy more licenses. Shark Tank bites with a deal by Mark Cuban.

Company: GameDay Couture
Entrepreneurs: Shawnna Feddersen and Kurt Feddersen
Ask: $ 500k for 20% equity
From: Oklahoma
Season: Season 6 Episode 611
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
Other companies: Biaggi, S.W.A.G. Essentials, Zipz
First Aired: 12/05/2014
Deal: Mark Cuban $500,000 for 33% equity

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about GameDay Couture

Mark Cuban asks what are they doing online, and they just launched. He is surprised they did not go that way, and wants to know if there is anything he is missing? Mark decides to offer $500,000 for 33% with a caveat. They need to tell them they have a deal, which they do. He then says them that the Mavericks have horrible clothing for women, and she already has a design done for his wife!

Daymond John made fashionable merchandise at the request of the Bulls, and he had ten million in inventory, and he goes out. Kevin gets Daymond to say they are worth about $1.5 million.

Kevin O'Leary thinks they have overpriced the business, so he is out because he thinks they are worth $750,000

Lori Greiner doesn't get to bid because Mark closes the deal before she responds.

Robert Herjavec tells them everything they are doing is what he would say to do, but he sees their value at one million as an investor, and he knows they are not going to take that value and he is out.

Gameday Couture Essentials after Shark Tank?

GamedDay Couture had a follow up in Shark Tank Season 7. New deals with the NBA took their Women's line to all 30 teams and are working to grow the company past twenty-five million dollars. Their clothes are now in retail stores all over the country.

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