A great friend pointed out several times that we all can count our authentic friendships on one hand. I was stunned the first time they made this statement, but after watching people, it appeared quite possibly correct.

Each time my friend follows with, “You are the exception to this rule as you have so many friends, it would take several hands to count them all.”

Personally, I feel that several hands would not be enough to count all the friendships that I have made me feel very lucky.

But, a conflicted thought questions why they would feel this way as I have thought everyone knows my experience and also has as many friends.

Then, another friend shared they were without friendships. It through me off, as they are friendly, engaging and charismatic when you meet them, and have even been quite revealing on personal thoughts.

I've wondered why they would say such a thing, so many times, as they have so many great qualities making them quite attractive, but then the answer appeared to at least part of the reason why this might be truer than I thought.

If I come across someone or something in need, and I am capable, I'll stop and help them. I've even stopped and helped my worst enemies, setting aside any grievance for the moment of need.

In return, I get an abundance of friends, which is something I've not expected, nor realized until now.

As with other posts, this one is a targeted message to someone specific, who I reached out towards in a time that I was distraught and exhausted. Instead, they dismissed the moment, and me.

Helping someone out isn't about giving them the answer's they want, but it's about being there to offer them support and encouragement to get through tough time so that you get to experience the good times, admiration and appreciation for your friendship.

In closing, my thoughts are targeted but are relevant to all of us who are wishing to build and strengthen who we are, and how the world sees us.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to open the door and have friendships? It's not easy, and they don't always work out, but it's worth it.