Zach Crain is the Inventor of Freaker USA. He walks into his Shark Tank pitch wearing a jacket with no shirt, shorts, and a top hat, making the Sharks smirk.

The Freaker is a stretchable uniquely designed product that adapts to fit different beverage containers. No more moist handshakes when holding your favorite beverage.

Freaker USA sales over three-hundred-twenty-thousand dollars

Freaker USA sales are $320,000 in just thirteen months with this product available in over two-hundred Freaker USA - Shark Tankstores nationwide. And, Zach holds a patent for his product.

Zach has sound effects to go with all the unique designs, characters, and personalities which make it perfect to put it in your morning beer, water bottle, and wine bottle.

Company: Freaker USA
Entrepreneur: Zach Crain
Ask: $200k for 10% equity
Companies in this episode: Cousins Main Lobster, Kisstixx(Update), Pro-NRG, and Eco Nuts
Season: Season 4 Episode 406
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec
First Aired: 10/18/2012
Deal: No Deal

The Freaker USA presentation comes with a video telling Zach's story on how he evolved his idea. He shows his box truck he drives around the country giving out grilled cheeses to promote Freaker USA.

Zach tells the cost to make Freaker is just under a dollar. His product wholesales at $4 and retails around eight to ten dollars.

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Freaker USA

Mark Cuban appreciates the potential for Freaker USA but declines because of the quirky “beeping” sound coming from Zach.

Daymond John has no passion for the project and forgo's an offer for Freaker USA.

Kevin O'Leary believes Freaker USA is worth four-hundred-thousand dollars at best. He offers two-hundred-thousand dollars for half the company, but Zach declines Kevin's offer.

Barbara Corcoran loves Zach, but she does not agree with the valuation and for that reason declines to make an offer.

Robert Herjavec gets the entire brand, but there is no beeping way you are worth two-million dollars today. He likes Zach, but he is out.

Freaker USA after Shark Tank

Zach Crain knows his business, and is serious about promotions, what is important to him, and building his brand. His uniqueness keeps people intrigued and engaged, but investors want the marketing to stop in the boardroom.

He would have landed a deal with Mark Cuban if he could have turned off the extra sounds, facial expressions when Mark said he couldn't deal with the all the beeping.

Freaker USA co-founder, Lauren Krakauskas interviewed with Shopify Masters commenting that they never attended to land a deal with the Sharks, but appeared purely as a marketing play.

Lauren claims that they are focused on the gift market. According to her, the company had four founders with now just two, and they are all artists.

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