Do you follow your passion and do what you love? I find myself struggling with this every day and am moving towards following my passion and doing what I love.

Express Yourself and Follow Your Passion

Would you love to express yourself, and focus on what's important to you? The ability to share your thoughts gives you an energy that is an empowerment that we rarely have in the work we do.

Blogging is one area where you are free to express yourself. It is something you own. Having a blog is one of the few opportunities to express yourself, but depending on your situation, is also risky because what you write online can be used against you, especially when dealing with politically incorrect topics.

On the other hand, if you can make blogging your career, you have the opportunity to delve into politically incorrect topics. There are still people who can do damage to you, but far fewer, especially if you control the monetization source.

Blog to Follow Your Passion

Blogging is following my passion, especially when I am writing through what is in my soul. Unfortunately, I spend too little time focusing on what is inside and instead share what is external or in the moment.

Many bloggers can channel their passion, giving them a unique voice, and that is what I am working towards when I write posts like this.

Many successful bloggers tell you to write about subjects that you are passionate about, and that usually ends up being about making money! The trick is not necessarily to write about making money, but about what inspires you, and causes you to pour everything you are into your words. Doing so will help you to make money blogging because your readers will buy into what you are saying.

What I love about blogging is the ability to follow your passion and work anywhere. You write about what you enjoy and help others learn more about your subject of choice.

Why would you do anything else, if you can follow your passion, and do what you love?

Because we get trapped into doing what others want us to do to make them happy, or to “survive.”

I think it is time for me to follow my passion, will you join me and follow your passion?