Sam and David created Everytable to bring healthy food to all. They have a mission to make their food affordable so that everyone can eat well, not just the affluent. They pitch their business model in Shark Tank to the Sharks as an already established business, working to help poverty-stricken areas as well.

Everytable has Grab-n-Go meals

Meals are grab-n-go for people that are on the move but need healthy foods. Prices vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, so their food is always accessible. The company currently has five locations all in California.

Their stores offer online ordering so you can stop by and pick up your order. I checked the price out, and I have to say, the prices are very reasonable, making it hard to believe that they can offer the quality of food in California locations. Being from Iowa, the prices are better than you would find here.

Sure, the prices are different for each store, but Sam and David explain that every location is designed to be profitable.

Season: 9 Episode 919
First Run: 2018/1/28
Shark: Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Rohan Oza
Company: Everytable
Entrepreneurs: Sam Polk, David Foster

Poverty stricken areas have lower rent for storefronts allowing Everytable to charge less for meals versus locations that are flourishing. Food is prepared in a central location enabling storefronts to be smaller, as they will not have scratch kitchens.

What goes into Everytable meals are fresh, but affordable foods. Nothing exotic, to keep prices reasonable and make their food available to everyone.

Everytable has investment capital already in, so the sharks will be looking at the evaluation as always, looking for a reasonable amount of equity and the profit potential.

Sam and David both come from the financial world before starting their restaurant and non-profit. They are passionate about serving the community.

Will the Sharks bite on Everytable?

I think the Sharks will bite on this concept. It is a feel good that offers profit potential, and scalability at the same time. Sam and David are excellent planners and visionaries which will be appealing to the Sharks. I just don't know which Shark or Sharks will jump in on this deal. What's your guess for Everytable?