Entrepreneurship for many is an elusive dream, hindered by a carrot that is dangled in front of many people. Most won’t leave their job and take the challenge in the name of job security; others think they need significant capital to start a small business.

Most people don’t realize that tenacity is one of the most important ingredients to becoming an entrepreneur and that most of us start with little or no money. In fact, having no cash, but the burning desire to succeed may actually be a benefit for many.

Getting started isn’t as difficult as you might think, but it requires the right state of mind. If you are constantly worried, it will be extremely difficult, but if you keep an open mind, willing to explore uncharted territory, you’ll likely do just fine.

One thing is for sure, entrepreneurship is the easiest way to find personal freedom from doing what you absolutely hat to do. It gives you the opportunity to control your destiny and with each day, your freedom is closer.

Entrepreneurship offers you the advantage of making as much money as you want, while affording you the personal ability to choose how you make that money work for you. It’s the one place where you can pick a cause and contribute without having to get approval from anyone else.

Charities benefit when we focus on prosperity through capitalism, as entrepreneurs are always willing to give when they also do extremely well. In fact, entrepreneurs are by far the most charitable and giving people period. They are the people that become the philanthropists in the community. Quite often entrepreneurs give quietly. It’s about passion for them and they don’t need public approval.

If we as a country step up and embrace entrepreneurship on the local level, we will find our economy quickly rebounding, faster than using any other strategy.  When you empower entrepreneurship, you empower prosperity for all.

It’s time for all of us to look internally to our abilities and to live our dreams. Will you join me?