The entrepreneur is a risk taker, someone that is willing to take on a new venture, to mold it and make it something better than what others have, but even more so he is constantly working to change or evolve the business.

Once a business becomes established, the proprietor will look for ways to continue to grow or mold it into something better unlike a business manager who looks to keep the business on slow steady growth while they play golf or sit by the pool enjoying their success. He rarely has the patience to enjoy relaxation, and instead chooses excitement as his release for relaxation.

Entrepreneurs are the ones that first identify the market opportunity and cease upon that moment finding ways to exploit the opportunity.

He is quick to identify problems and provide solutions, whereas others are more likely to accept the problems and only find ways to work around the problem offering the least amount of inconvenience to conquer the problem.

Entrepreneurs rely heavily on a capitalistic society, and oddly enough, entrepreneur is a French word, who would have thought?

Most recently, the term “Social Entrepreneur” has come into play. It defines someone that is looking at entrepreneurship from a non-profit angle. To me, this bastardizes the term entrepreneur, and is just another way that society has tried to change the meaning of a defined word through political correctness.

In the case of so called “social entrepreneurs”, these people are not taking a risk with their own monies or personal assets; they are risking the assets of others and once again are management people that are trying to elegantly define themselves.

The bottom line is this person is a risk taker, the idea person, willing to bet their life savings on a dream of prospering from a business. They are rarely manager material and they do what they do out of passion and love for the product or service that they have designed and built. It's not really about he attention that they get if they are successful at entrepreneurship.

Are you a business manager, or are you an entrepreneur?