Business owner and Entrepreneur Marc Ostrofsky sold the domain for $7,500,000 and walked his way into the record books, but he’s no one hit wonder, he knows how to make money online and will be a keynote speaker this August in New York City when Affiliate Summit East 2011 comes to the Hilton New York City Time Square.

He currently has several companies including, and others. His background goes deep into the telecom sector with companies in the prepaid card world.  His companies make over $75 Million dollars per year.

After he sold the domain, from $7,500,000 dollars he turned around and invested in the company which later sold for $345,000,000 dollars.

Marc now has a career as a professional speaker which he obviously loves to do, after all it doesn’t sound like he needs to do much with the kind of cash flow he has!

His appearances and quotes include the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN and Forbes magazine as well as many others. He’s won “Entrepreneur of the Year” from Ernst and Young which is an extremely impressive award.

Marc says, “Domain Names and websites are just Internet Real estate” which is an extremely accurate statement. Just imagine all the opportunities we let go when we let domain names expire.

Marc is a huge draw and I’m sure this year’s Affiliate Summit East will have a huge record attendance. The industry is growing and you should be a part of it.

Just last month, Blog World Expo was in New York City, but many bloggers stayed home that live right in the city. If you’re an Internet Marketer and you stay home, you’re not as serious about your business as you think you are. Don’t miss out.

This conference is not only for the Internet Marketers, this is even more for merchants and publishers who want to sell online but don’t know how to drive the traffic you need. You will be blown away at what you are able to learn at this event.