Google Plus is all the rage, some saying that it's going to knock off Facebook. My thought initially was, I didn't get it, but I didn't get Facebook either so that doesn't mean much.

My second thought is after playing with it for a little bit this morning is that it's time to get on board and fast. I already like it a thousand times better than Facebook, it does more. Still, that doesn't mean that everyone will quit all the other social media platforms, they never will. Proof in point is MySpace, which still has a huge audience of die hard users. As long as they are generating revenue, don't know if they are profitable or not, they will be around.

The difference is that Google Plus has really done some nice features making drag and drop everything and it works well. That means that you can spend more time being social and less time trying to upload this, or post that.

Even making it more interesting, Google Plus allows users to give invites to join. They are actually controlling how many people that are able to join at a time. When they feel they are ready, they allow more users into the system. That makes the users feel even more a part of an exclusive group and most likely will engage quicker than if they allowed everybody in all at once.

Organization of streams seems to be more efficient as well. You can easily select a group and concentrate on just that group. That's pretty cool and you can create separate groups by subject that suits you. I really like that feature.

It looks like I have yet another platform that I like and that's Google Plus. Look for an invite soon, Leave a comment and I'll be asking you to join my comment circle!