Zander Adell pitches Doorman in Shark Tank Season 6. Doorman is a company that handles your packages for you and delivers them when you are home, so you don't have to chase them down.

Doorman on-demand package delivery pitched on Shark Tank

The Company, Doorman is an on-demand, package delivery that delivers on your schedule through their app on your phone. Customers pay $3.99 per package or $19.99 per month for unlimited. They have 300 customers since May who has shipped 4,000 packages. Zander used $50,000 of his own money to develop the platform. They have taken in $220k of convertible notes.

The ultimate vision is to have a checkbox on retailers sites. Delivery drivers use their own cars similar to Uber's model. Drivers deliver eighty packages on average a night with three drivers working.

The cost to acquire a customer is $37 through Facebook. They have one city and the plan for the second city is Chicago, which excites Lori. Doorman delivers packages on demand and to your door seven days a week until midnight each day.

First Aired: 01/09/15
Company: Doorman
Entrepreneurs: Zander Adell
From: San Francisco, California
Episode: Season 6 Episode 13 Week 12
Ask: $250,000 for 10% equity
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec

What the Shark Tank Investors say about Doorman

Lori, Robert, and Barbara go in for $250k for 20%. Zander thinks that 20% undervalues the business. He comes back to $250,000 for 12%

Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O'Leary all go out.

Lori Greiner offered to do it with Robert at $250,000 for 15%, and she said she is out.

Robert Herjavec asks him to make an offer and Zander says $250,000 for 12% and Robert said he would do it all.

Doorman after Shark Tank

According to a post on TechCrunch, Doorman ceased doing business on October 6th, 2017. They sent a letter out saying they were joining forces with a larger team, but they did not receive a reply back as to what that meant. The website is still live and does not say anything about being shut down. The Doorman app is still available in the iTunes store.

The company raised an additional one and a half million dollars after appearing on Shark Tank which allowed the company to expand into the Chicago and New York City markets.