Donald Trump, like him or not, controversy makes money. In fact, people who hate Trump helps The Donald to make more money. All people have to do is talk about his political stunts and they draw attention to his brand.

Everyone from rappers to grandmas talk about Donald Trump. Even I'm helping promote The Donald by writing about his actions here. Actually, he's helping me because when this post hits Google, I know that I”ll have readers coming to my blog because I wrote about the man. What does this tell you? Publicity is good if you learn how to use it to your advantage.

Trump is the master of using publicity to his advantage. He says he might run for President and everybody goes off the deep end. He says something that's controversial, no problem, he's just got more people talking about him and that makes people want to do business with the Trump Organization.

His rating went through the roof with Celebrity Apprentice, which is nothing compared to “The Apprentice” and it's too bad, Celebrity Apprentice is doing so well. It went even better when he threatened to run for President, but now, all he has to do is make political videos and stick them out on YouTube and he's got the attention.

He doesn't even have to say he might run for President anymore because the so called “press” will keep hinting at the possibility.

Donald Trump has to love this because now the media chases him around at his convenience. He gets more attention and it doesn't cost him anything. Free advertising for a guy that can afford to pay for it.

In closing I just want to thank you, Donald Trump! You've helped bring people to my blog and I didn't even have to pay anything for it! I might even start writing about you more often!