Empire Avenue is a fantastic online social media strategy game that literally could turn into a profit center for online marketers. If you do well in the game, you’re going to do well in your business. It’s that simple.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a social media guru to get in and find success. I’ve learned a substantial amount in just the last two weeks. I have changed my strategy for marketing online and am seeing results from my efforts.

The results I’m seeing has me fired up and working long hours to get my base built. I can’t wait because this may be the best strategy I have ever used in any business that I’ve had up until now.

That says quite a bit because I’ve leveraged online marketing before to take a company from zero to $750,000 a month in sales. That was in less than six months, but I had to spend $75,000 on Google Adwords every month to get that result.

This time, I have no paid advertising. I’m doing everything through search and now social media. The results are gaining momentum and again, look promising.

The strategy has you putting effort into six areas:

  • Empire Avenue Itself – This one is pretty obvious, but can be one of the most beneficial because you’ll be connecting with like-minded people from all over the world with a very diverse background.
  • Twitter – I’ve worked Twitter the most of any social media platform. It’s changed quite a bit, and it’s difficult to build a presence on Twitter yet it’s necessary to reinforce platforms that you’re already strong on.
  • Facebook – while Facebook has been extremely popular for social media strategists, up until now this has not been one of my favorite platforms. I’m changing my tune; I’m finding out that I should have been using it all along.
  • Facebook Fan Pages – The gateway to Facebook for everyone to access. The fan page is huge and has become main-stream. As of writing this, I haven’t officially linked a Facebook fan page to my site, but I will do so soon.
  • LinkedIn – This is a powerful tool, especially for business people.  LinkedIn will get you connected with professional people.
  • Flickr – The photo sharing site that allows comments is more important than you think. It also provides the opportunity to allow others to use your photographs while giving you credit for them. If you don’t want anyone to use the photos just set the license to copyright protected. I’m going to start allowing others to use my photos as long as they link to my blog.
  • YouTube – As much as I dislike video, my next move is to start doing videos. I’ll probably like it once I get them integrated into my site. Hopefully, you’re ahead of me on this one!

So there you have it, Empire Avenue will you get you thinking about all of the channels above. It’s worth the effort and you’re pocket book will thank you with new found success.