Distractions can come in all forms. Some of them are things we want to do, others are things we don’t want to do. I find myself putting off things I want to do because I don’t feel I can justify the time to invest into a particular activity, but what if you can embrace the activity while focusing on getting done what you need to get done.

A great example would be driving my Ferrari. I never drive it. It just sits in the garage because the battery usually goes dead in it. If I drove it more often I would not have to worry about the battery and driving it would be better for the engine as well.

What if instead of driving my truck, I drove my Ferrari to run certain errands and to go to lunch. That way I would keep the battery charged up while getting to enjoy the car more.

This isn't that big of a deal, but it is something that I think about often when I shouldn’t be and I don’t think about when I should. I probably should schedule some time to charge the battery and get the car serviced so it’s ready to go!

What kinds of things can you do to work would be course changers into the flow of your day.  How can you make your wants work for you instead of against you?

I bet you didn’t even think about the distractions that you wanted to do! Now, what are they?

Taking unplanned activities that you want to do and working them into your day will give you more energy to get the work done that you need to get done. It will make it more enjoyable. Who would have thought that fun activities could end up being this valuable?

I’m focused on removing positive obstacles that I want to do. I’m working them into my day and I’m getting more done in less time! I’ve got more enthusiasm and you will too!