It’s true, Dating and Entrepreneurship are really one in the same. You go through the roller coaster ride—you have much of the same emotions. You even need to become the right person for your mate as you do your business.

It’s tough to find a great role model for dating or entrepreneurship. The advice never seems to be quite right, but that’s because we aren’t usually listening or it’s simply not what we want to hear.

If you want to become a great entrepreneur, you need to become a great date.  Ironically, it’s so important in life that we work on becoming the total package. We need to become the person that would want to connect with us.

That might mean working out, being in different social environments, changing our habits and any other factor necessary to accomplish our goals, but the biggest change we need to make is what we see when we look in the mirror. It’s a case of finding confidence inside.

When we date, we take on a roll so the other person will like us. We get excited and we think we know everything about the person we connected up with.

Remember when your dad asked you why you liked this person and you said, “Because we like the same things?” That’s where most entrepreneurs are during the startup phase. They are dating their business, but they don’t have anything definitive as to why they are doing what they are doing.

I know, I’ve been there many times, but now, I know when I’m dating a business and when I’m ready to move on to the next level.

This should also serve to help you determine when you’re ready to go to the next level. You have to be able to have a more definitive answer why you like the business you are doing. It has to be specific or the relationship isn’t going to last. Most importantly, you have to become the right person for your business.

Are you ready to get engaged to your business?