The website address is, and I love Daisy Cakes! Founder, Kim Nelson, pitched her company in Shark Tank Season 2 Episode 205, giving me the number one traffic producing blog post on my site ever! Thank you to Barbara Corcoran, who I visited with later that year for investing in her company.

Kim Nelson makes Daisy Cakes and ships them in dry ice. One of her best sellers, Red Velvet Cake, caught my eye on that episode, but before her pitch, I messaged her because the website needed updates before her presentation aired on Shark Tank.

Daisy Cakes gets too much traffic on Shark Tank

Unfortunately for Daisy Cakes, and lucky for me, the hosting/website design company did not fix all of the problems before the show. That meant the site crashed, and my website came up next in search, sending their traffic my way!

Season: 2 Episode 205
First Run: 2011/04/21
Sharks: Kevin Harrington, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec
Company: Daisy Cakes
Entrepreneurs: Kim Nelson
Ask: $50k for 25% equity
Deal: Barbara Corcoran

Daisy Cakes use Grandma Daisy's recipes, and everyone who tries out the cakes loves them. Now, Kim places her cakes in dry ice and ships them to your door. The cakes are expensive but are worth the money.

Sales for the past three months before coming into Shark Tank amount to $27,000 which doesn't make for an investment from the Sharks. And, none of the guys on the panel invest, instead, Barbara Corcoran watched as every Shark ate the entire cake including the crumbs. That sold her on the investment.

Kim Nelson is frequently a featured face in Barbara Corcoran's updates of her favorite entrepreneurs, and Daisy Cakes is often a guest on all type of television programs. People enjoy having Kim on as a guest.

So, what did the Sharks say about Daisy Cakes?

Kevin Harrington does not think the business will grow fast enough, so he is out.

Daymond John won't invest in a small business such as this, so he is out.

Kevin O'Leary loves the cakes but isn't ready to take the task of turning Daisy Cakes into a big business.

Barbara Corcoran thinks this is a small business but makes the crafty investment, getting her original investment returned almost immediately. Her offer is for $50,000 provided Kim returns $1 per cake until the investment is covered, she has her mother on the team and will hustle them at trade shows. She has 25% equity.

Robert Herjavec thinks the deal is too small for him so he is out.

So, Yes, I do love Daisy Cakes!

You can buy Kim Nelson's Recipe Book on Amazon