Daisy Cakes Entrepreneur, Kim Nelson, made her pitch on Shark Tank in 2011 and scored a deal with Barbara Corcoran. Her episode resulted in the highest traffic for a single post on my blog. I received over 12,000 page views in a single hour.

Kim Nelson needed to update the Daisy Cakes website to handle the traffic. Entrepreneurs appearing on Shark Tank regularly see a significant spike every time their episode airs. CNBC regularly reruns episodes meaning a constant flow of traffic for many entrepreneurs.

Daisy Cakes website not ready to handle Shark Tank traffic

I reviewed the Daisy Cakes site prior to her episode, and reached out, suggesting they prep the site for traffic. Kim was unable to get updates done in time.

Fortunately, Kim made her Daisy Cakes deal with Barbara Corcoran. Barbara invested in her, giving her the money to take the company to the next level.

Her company hosted her website with a company called 123integration.com, which was also her website designer. She has since moved the site and design to another provider who is capable of handling the increased traffic.

Kim Nelson learned that entrepreneurs need to be prepared for high traffic to their websites when featured in the media and that a spike could happen at any time. I use WPEngine, a company capable of handling any traffic spike that happens to my site.

Kim's cakes were expensive at the time of the episode, but she scored the deal with Barbara Corcoran, and Daisy Cakes ended up funded. The reason Barbara supported Daisy Cakes is due to all the Sharks eating every last crumb of cake on their plates.

Barbara Corcoran gave Kim Nelson a check for $50,000 payable at the rate of $1 per Daisy Cake sold to return her initial investment to 50,000 cakes.

Daisy Cakes ships in Dry Ice

Kim Nelson's Daisy Cakes have no preservatives and need to move off the shelf fast, so he special order production allows her to ship in Dry Ice containers overnight.

Daisy Cakes orders go crazy whenever Kim Nelson appears on a show. She has a sweet demeanor to her that makes everyone want to try her delicious cakes.

Kim doesn't own the domain, Daisycakes.com but does have, ilovedaisycakes.com. A couple of other companies have the same name, which makes for some confusion, but her website promotes herself and the Shark Tank affiliation.

Kim Nelson appeared on Good Morning Columbia on February 24, 2017, with an update. They are now selling around 20,000 cakes a year.