Entrepreneurs seeking investment use the Elevator Pitch to uncover potential Angel Investors. The pitch describes their business in about 100 to 150 words, or the time it takes for an elevator ride.

You might be wondering why I would say a Professional Blogger needs an elevator pitch, especially considering you don’t need investors to make money blogging, or do you? Just because you aren’t giving out shares, doesn’t mean you aren’t raising capital. You are.

Your readers are your investors in a sense. They are the people who are going to buy the products and services that you offer through your blog. Don’t worry, you don’t need products and services of your own, other people will go out of their way to help you sell theirs.

The elevator pitch will help you attract people to your blog. You will write content and offer products and services that relate to that content. You don’t even have to say good things about the products or services. If you reader clicks on an affiliate link or banner advertisement and then purchases, you’re likely to get paid for referring them on to the product.

Have a great Elevator Pitch and business cards with your blog address. It takes little time to gain this reader and this person is more likely to make purchases’ through your blog. They’ve got a relationship with you even if it was only for a few minutes which makes them more likely engage in transactions with companies advertising or linked on your blog.

The Elevator Pitch has another and almost more important purpose for bloggers. This statement helps to keep your blog focused on the niche topic at hand. Digress and you’re likely to lose readers as fast as you gain them. Stay focused and you’re likely to get referrals from your readers.

I could go on about other reasons to do an Elevator Pitch, however I feel that I’ve given you enough good reasons and we should move on to the next topic. If you are unsure, write me via the contact form and let’s see if we can get you beyond what’s holding you back.

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