Cougar Energy Drink is a creation by Ryan Custer, of Trophy Cup, Texas. The twenty-something dates a mid-thirties-year-old woman and is living at home, which he calls his roommates. The living conditions, of course, is at the time of his presentation on Shark Tank. Cougar Energy targets women in the 30-55 years of age bracket.

Cougar Energy Drink at MTV Music Awards

Ryan marketed his product at the MTV music awards in 2010, and as of 2012, is at $60,000 in total sales. He claims that he is the ultimate entrepreneur cashing in his 401k and savings to launch his business, which couldn't amount to much given his age.

Company: Cougar Energy Drink
Entrepreneur: Ryan Custer
Season: 3
Episode: 12
Ask: $150,000 for 30% equity

Mainly, he took a white label product and branded it towards the Cougar, an older woman who focuses on younger men. Why then did Ryan market the product at MTV music awards? Maybe a lot of Cougars are attending the MTV awards?

A trip to the Cougar Energy website features a store with no energy drink, but some obnoxious chairs and some t-shirts. They are the Cougar thrones which I doubt most women would want in their home. A trip to the Facebook page has one entry dating 2013.

The drink has 13 minerals and vitamins that are supposed to give a long-lasting energy boost as well be a great drink mixer, but Barbara Corcoran thinks the drink tastes like chalk. He claims that is the niacin in the beverage, but it doesn't matter because she is out.

Ryan believes Cougar Energy Drink is worth $500,000 having secured the Cougar trademark with the intention of marketing other products under the brand. The Sharks disagree, and the reality is the Cougar trademark is without value as the company brand has no traction.

Sharks on Cougar Energy Drink Episode:

What do the Sharks Say about Cougar Energy Drink?

Daymond John goes out as soon as he hears only $60,000 in sales over three years. Barbara Corcoran doesn't like the taste saying it is Chalky and she goes out. Mark Cuban explains comments on picking a name with social attributes doesn't make it a business. Mark is out. Kevin O'Leary claims the distributors crush cockroaches like you; he's out. Robert Herjavec doesn't believe a woman will buy the drink because it says “Cougar” on the bottle, he's out.

No Shark Tank Deal for Cougar Energy Drink.

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