Here’s how to get restaurant recipe secrets online so you can dine out at home.

CopyKat Recipes, a site by Stephanie Manley, offers delicious recipes to some of your favorite foods that you find in restaurants all over. She’s been working on her project since 1995 and wrote the book “Dining out At Home” that can be purchased at Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon.

I became familiar with Stephanie after she was kind enough to leave some comments on my site. I never returned the favor; I thought I would get too hungry looking at her site! Instead, I thought I would include her in “the Entrepreneurs” section and now I can feel the hunger pains coming!

According to Stephanie, she started cooking before she turned 5 years old. Imagine that! My mom wouldn’t let me near a stove when I was old enough to drive!

She’s got an undergraduate degree in chemistry which helps her to come up with her special combinations. Add to that, she brews bear and wine. I’m not surprised,  I wonder if she drinks and cooks at the same time?

She says growing up required several hours just to go out to eat as she lived in a very rural area. I know the feeling. I grew up in a rural area where it also took several hours to go out to eat in the nearest city as well.

Stephanie has her own blog besides the CopyKat recipes; I didn’t realize this until I went to her “about” page. That’s where I discovered several other blogs that Stephanie has.

Stephanie had commented that she used Joomla prior to using WordPress. She said she had tons of security issues, before. I too used Joomla and have found the SEO quality is much better with the WordPress platform.

We both are using the Studio Press Genesis framework, which works extremely well. I also added ScribeSEO and have found that this was the final touch to doing great SEO. I’ll be interested to find out if Stephanie is using ScribeSEO.

Learn More about CopyKat and Stephanie, then try out some of her recipes and tell me what you think. This should be one tasty site.