Would you not love to chase a tornado with professional storm chasers? Yes, it is a dangerous game, and even the most experienced chasers can wind up dead. The risk is intense.

Just this year, three storm chasers lost their lives when their two vehicles collided. One of the chaser vehicles filmed live right up to the collision which took them off live broadcasting. The truck missed the stop sign as they were too distracted with other activities.

The video showing the last seconds of the crash is on video; they never made it to the tornado they were chasing. You can watch the video on this page.

Tornado takes life of Tim Samaras

A few years ago, professional and safety conscious Tim Samaras, a partner, and his son died in one of the most violent outbreaks of tornadic activity. Samaras always kept a safe distance from the storms he chased, but this time the tornado came down right on top of him.

Samaras filmed on Discovery Channel for the TV show, Storm Chasers. Numerous times Samaras would lecture other storm chasers on safety procedures, but not even his expertise could protect him.

Still, I would love to go down into Tornado Alley (Oklahoma and Texas area) chasing storms. Sure, tornados happen in Iowa, with a few in the last week, but we don't get the consistent outbreaks like what happens down South.

Storm Chaser Reed Timmer appeared and was the focal point of Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel. His team built the Dominator, a truck that could lower to the ground, and even spike into the ground. Timmer drove it into numerous ongoing tornado activity which filmed on a 3D Imax camera.

As much as I love the tornado activity, I have never gone to see the Discovery 3D Imax show. Don't get me wrong; I would love to see the film.

Would you go storm chasing looking for tornado activity?