Celebrity and Amana, Iowa native Ashton Kutcher has become an Angel Investor helping many startup Entrepreneurs to get there businesses launched. I would bet that quite a few startups in Iowa would love to have Ashton as a shareholder. His name recognition capital infusion would be significant for most deals.

One of his most recent investments, Zaarly, is a company that just launched. It’s a reverse CraigsList. You write a listing describing what you’re looking for and people respond that have what you want.

Kutcher was part of a group of investors who put together $1,000,000 in seed capital for the Kansas City based business.

Ashton Kutcher is doing an incredibly great act by bringing capitalism back in style which has been on the outs in Hollywood for some time. He’s finding opportunities and then bringing not only his money, but his celebrity power to give these businesses an extra boost.

I remember when Kutcher would return to Cedar Rapids. I ran into him on a few occasions, but I didn’t put two and two together. I couldn’t understand why he had so many people following him around.

A few years later, I saw him on television and realized who he was. I never really cared for that 70’s show and so I wasn’t a big fan, even if he is a local guy.

When I found out he was making Angel Investments, I changed my mind. I’m a huge fan because this guy is giving back. Sure he’s looking for a great return, but what he’s doing for entrepreneurship is bigger than life.

My wife is has always like two and a half men. I haven’t been a big fan of the show, I never really cared for Charlie Sheen, but with Aston on the show, I’m going to make sure to watch.

I want to do whatever I can to help him make more money so he will continue to be a great Angel Investor and help entrepreneurs with their dreams.

Thanks Ashton, you’re a great fellow Iowan.