brellaBox Shark Tank Pitch

brellaBox is the answer to combat throw-away umbrellas equal to 25 Eiffel Towers of waist. No longer do you have to deal with a cheap umbrella in wind storm.

They are placing brellaBox in strategic places around the city. The umbrellas rent for $1.50 for 12 hours and can be returned to any brellaBox.

Each sale amounts to 85% to brellaBox and 15% to the location or University. They also offer a 3rd party sponsorship on the machine and on the umbrella. Anusha and John did a pilot test with 25 people using an umbrella per rainy day.

Anusha and John have invested money into this business. It costs $1,150 per machine, and they get the umbrellas for free. They are free advertisement for the large manufacturers.

The University of Michigan has ordered a box, and they have others in the works.

brellaBox Tank Episode Data

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about brellaBox?

  • Mark Cuban – thinks it is a lot of money for a little bit of the company with a lot of uncertainty. He is out.
  • Daymond John – doesn't want to be disrespectful that they want to work hard, but it is not an every day item. He is out.
  • Kevin O'Leary – thinks this is a horrible idea and he is out. Kevin is worried about the other Sharks investing in this business.
  • Barbara Corcoran – says you need a lot of boxes to get any revenue sharing going and they don't have the sponsors yet. She is out.
  • Chris Sacca – says he won't see rain for another five years and he has not suffered from this problem for a long time. He is out.

brellaBox after Shark Tank

John defends his position of brellaBox in a blog post after Shark Tank, but misses the key factor to proving their model works. They still do not have their boxes deployed, and they are talking in projections. They are also not accepting orders for their umbrella rental box. That makes the Sharks correct on their assumptions until John can prove them wrong.