When you grab the ability to brand yourself, you have the opportunity to accelerate your personal and professional growth. You will build your confidence and strengthen your abilities to control perception in the outside world, which has great influence on how you see yourself, no matter who you are.

The process of creating your own brand is a life changing even for anyone and requires that you do make an investment in perfecting the image that you want to project.

You can take baby steps such as I did, starting long ago when I was a telemarketer at a local company that specialized in selling long distance phone services to business customers. I was in danger of being fired and did not know what I was doing wrong.

Just before I was let go, I was given the opportunity to listen to a tape of my conversations that I had with potential customers. What I found was how I said, what I said, was not being conveyed the way I meant it to be conveyed.

I was able to change my delivery and quickly moved into the top 5 sales representatives on the floor, consistently. I had made such a dramatic change, they promoted me to supervisor of the worst team on the floor, and in a matter of weeks, I was able to take that team consistently into the top 3 sales performers.

I was able to identify how I could change my brand over the phone, and consistently deliver a better product than I had before. I was able to hear what I sounded like as a third party and take control of how I felt I should be presenting myself.

When you brand yourself, you are essentially turning yourself into a product and you are able to look at yourself as a third party and mold your image and actions into who you want to be. People will gravitate towards you when you are able to better project the image you want to.

The act of simply creating yourname.com and building your own website / blog focusing on who you are is a great way to change your personal image and open up opportunities that you were never able to realize before.