I want to improve my time management. If anything, this is my biggest flaw, and I think most people who know me, know this is my challenge. Along with better time management comes better life management. If I can better manage my time I will have better life management.

I've read many books and done many programs teaching how to have better time management, but none of them have told me to emulate leaders in life and industry, Specifically, how they manage their days and how much time they spend on each task.

In my case, I need to study that best of the best in the Affiliate Marketing industry, and more importantly, I need to study those that share my values, as they are likely not the top producers, dollars wise, in the industry, but are more likely a consistent second or third.

I'm seeking, not the high level fluff stuff, but the method to the madness… I want to know what doesn't get written into the “how to” guides, but the step-by-step strategy that's done consistently everyday.

I'm not sure why I hadn't come up with this plan before, it might be that I've recently discovered the right people to educate me. I do know, I haven't ever had this suggestion posed to me before, and I've got a bit of experience, both in life and in business. Don't let that last sentence lead you to believe I think I know it all, if I did, I would have thought of this long ago.

I'd love to hear from you, letting me know what your method is. We're all at different places, so it's important to know where you're really at, not where you want me to think you are. Anything less will give me false perceptions.

Normally, Affiliate Marketers and bloggers don't like to display their weaknesses for the world to see. I don't care, nothing bad can come from you knowing my time management sucks and needs to improve. At least I know I have an issue with this and I'm ready to deal with it!