Bachelorette Ashley Hebert clearly can’t seem to get enough of loser Bentley Williams. She’s young and she doesn’t know what’s really best for her. Should she even be on the show? I’m thinking not, as this is turning out to be the biggest circus they have ever had on the show.

While Ashley has tremendous potential and is a fun loving caring person, she’s clearly not mature enough to be searching for a life relationship. She’s not settled in her own mind having fallen for a clueless Bentley Williams, a guy who lacks no depth and could have only got where he is by riding coat tails or has some talent, still to be discovered, which made up for lack of common sense and tact.

Evidently, Bentley has been threatened, I wouldn’t know why, this guy’s brain dead and we should feel for him for being so stupid to think he could promote his business by trashing someone on National TV.

Actually, the person I feel for most is the child that this jerk is raising. To think, he’s the role model? Not cool.

What were the producers thinking when they did this circus act? This is starting to look like the movie that is so bad, you keep waiting because there has to be a good line and it never happens.

The only good thing that can come from this season of the Bachelorette is to call it off because Ashley doesn’t have her heart into the other guys.

I don’t even know why they are sticking around. They all know the truth, you can see it in their actions, and some of them have even said they thought about bailing. I would have been gone last week, she’s just not ready and it’s tough enough to put a relationship together in the short time.

Move on guys, this game is over!