I just finished responding to a post on JohnChow.com by a guest blogger who has been working on their blog for a little over two years now, and has only made $685. They were commenting on the effort they have put in, and then compared it to other jobs that they could get which would pay them more money.

Someone commented thinking that this person should quit the current blog and change focus on their topic. I say they should keep going and only adjust when they find different strategies that work better opposed to quitting the current blog.

After all, most businesses take three years to solidify themselves and blogging appears to be no different than any other industry. This is backed up by many successful bloggers that I approached at Affiliate Summit West 2010. This person could be on the verge of a serious break through having established themselves in the blogging community.

Even though this writer has barely made any money, they have developed traction and content. It would seem to me they simply need to keep working on their content, but spend more time educating themselves on how to get their blog to convert into something that more people will read and ultimately buy stuff through.

Quitting a blog right now after two years of content being driven into the blog to start over in a new area is absolutely crazy and would mean that this person just through away two years of hard work. Writing blog posts takes time and once done, is a beacon to attract future traffic with no additional effort.

Your almost there, keep going and make that dream come true. Focus on the words that you write, giving the best quality you can and the money will take care of itself…

You can read the post on John Chow's blog