The time is near and I'm almost ready to take off for Affiliate Summit West 2011. I've been waiting for this event for quite a while as the last one was well worth my time attending. The event is in Las Vegas, which is warmer than here, but seems to be cold for Las Vegas having highs in the fifty's and lows in the thirty's.

The strategy for Affiliate Summit West is to connect with as many people as I can. I want to get introductions done with those that I've yet to meet, connect up with people that I've met last year and get some real face time with people that I've conversed with often online.

The industry seems to have quite a few events throughout the year, but this is the premier event and will be my launch to becoming a frequent face at all other events I am able to attend.

I'm sure this year will be much more productive than last as I now have more of the right questions to ask being I've gotten quite a bit more experience than before. It's time to step up and make some deals happen that will make the work that I've done so far pay off in a big way.

I can't help but look forward to the parties that will happen at this event as well, as the members of Affiliate Summit know how to produce parties like no other. They are all out and full of entertainment in the biggest and best suites in Las Vegas. The Affiliate Management companies clearly know how to attract publisher and advertiser attention.

If you've never been to Affiliate Summit, you need to watch closely and consider going. These events get better and better. Just be ready to network like you never have before!